Winter Packing Tips for Theme Parks

Layering Clothes

Normal resort casual wear works for most theme parks.  Layering is key for Florida winters.  Pack options: a long sleeve shirt, pants, sweatshirt/light jacket for evening.  Be sure to double check the weather forecast right before you travel.  Occasionally, there are unseasonable cold snaps and you may even need a hat & gloves for the evening.

Comfortable Shoes

I don’t recommend new shoes for walking around the theme parks.  On average you will cover 10 miles or more a day!  You want to pack shoes/sandals that have been “broken in”.  Always pack extra Band-Aids or MoleSkin in case you do develop an unfortunate blister.


Sunscreen is needed even in the winter months.  Florida’s UV index remains high year-round and you can still burn through a cloudy sky.


Most resort pools are heated, which allows for swimming any time of day no matter the temperature. And let’s be honest — kids like to swim no matter what the temperature might be 😉

Hand-Sanitizer & Hand Wipes

A must pack! These are necessary any time of the year.   

Allergy/Cold Medication

Sometimes when we travel to a new location our bodies don’t like the temperature change or pollen counts. Make sure to pack your preferred medication (adults and children doses).  Trust me it will be much cheaper to buy at home prior to travel than from a gift shop.


Spending all day at the theme parks but don’t want to carry around extra clothing layers for the evening?  Consider renting a locker for the day and saving a return trip to your resort.  Each theme park has lockers to rent at the front of the parks – pricing varies by size.   It’s an inexpensive way to be prepared and not have to spend a lot on a theme park sweatshirt if you become cold in the evening!