Sick While on Vacation . . .

You never know when it will hit – and sadly illness does not stay away because you are on vacation. Sometimes your destination can trigger allergies with higher pollen counts, sometimes you over indulge on treats, and sometimes that virus makes itself known.  No matter what happens a little prep before your trip can make things easier while away from home.

Before You Travel:

Pack your own medications.  Medications in resorts and airports are often more expensive than if you bought them at home from Target or Walgreens.  Common things to have on hand in adult and children doses: Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Imodium, Dramamine, Benadryl, etc.

Purchase a travel insurance policy.  Many people are surprise to learn that their medical insurance does not offer much coverage outside its network.  Travel insurance provides coverage for unexpected medical expenses (trip to ER, ambulance ride, medical evacuation, and more). Travel insurance is a trip expense that is non-negotiable, in my opinion, and should be included in your vacation planning budget.

If you are ill while on vacation:

  1. Don’t panic. There are solutions no matter where you are on vacation.
  2. Contact your resorts front desk. They will have a list of urgent cares, hospitals, and sometimes even doctors that will come right to your resort room.  Or if you have a travel insurance policy (which I highly recommend) contact their 24 hr Customer Service line.  They will give you the best hospital to visit in your location.  This is really important when you are out of the country so you can get the best care.
  3. Keep all medical documents and bills you may receive. It’s never fun, but you may need to submit documentation to medical insurance or travel insurance to make a claim.
  4. If the illness is a spreadable virus try to separate from others in your travel party if you can.  Maybe book a separate hotel room, and ask for cleaning supplies to wipe down high-touch surfaces between family members.
  5. Keep it simple: stay hydrated, stay out of the sun, eat simple food as tolerated.
  6. Adjust expectations. No one plans to get sick or injured while on vacation but life happens.  Do what is needed to feel better, laugh it off, and know that you will have a unique vacation memory to talk about in the future.  You can always take another vacation to make up for the hiccup in this one 😉