Disney World Coffee Showdown. . . .

A trip to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is always a big deal.  But another important consideration for any adult is where they will get their coffee while on vacation!   The biggest decision at Walt Disney World® Resorts comes down to two choices:

Starbucks® or Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company®.

Starbucks® has a large following and many are excited to learn that all four theme parks and Disney Springs have Starbucks locations available.  If you are a frequent Starbucks® coffee drinker you will be happy to know you can use your Starbucks® app to purchase your beverages at the Disney World® Resort locations.  However mobile ordering is not available in the theme parks, but it is an option at the two Disney Springs stores.  Possibly my favorite perk of a Starbucks® beverage in Disney World are the cute cups!  Disney World has its own themed Starbucks® beverage cups with Disney characters, along with limited edition Starbucks®/Disney merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else.

Not to be outdone, many enjoy Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company®. Joffrey’s has many more locations spread throughout the theme parks and resorts.  You can find a Joffrey’s kiosk in just about every “land”. Joffrey’s first location was in Tampa, so it feels a bit like a local favorite and a little more exclusive for your vacation. If you find you really like Joffrey’s coffee you can even order online to enjoy the same blends at home — a great way to remember your trip!  Plus, Joffrey’s offers specials and discounts.  Guests who stay at a Walt Disney World® Resort get 20% off their Joffrey’s purchase with their Magical Extra perks.  You can find fun food and Joffrey drink pairings at Epcot® during its various festivals held throughout the year.

What’s the final verdict?  Which coffee location would you choose?