4 Simple Questions to Ask Before Planning a Family Vacation

  1. Weather: What climate are you looking for — warm weather or cold weather ? What scenery would you like ocean/beach, mountains, city scene. . . .
  2. Activities: what do you want to do on your vacation? Would you like time to relax by a pool? Do you need action: hiking, kayaking, snorkeling? Do you want to learn about the local culture?
  3. Non-negotiable: What are your “must haves”? Ocean view room? A pool with a water slide? A fitness center or spa? A resort room with two bathrooms? Figuring our your non-negotiable and communicating them with your travel concierge helps both of you in the planning process by narrowing down the wide assortment of options to ones that fit your needs.
  4. Vacation Budget: the dreaded “b” word no one wants to talk about. Setting a vacation budget not only helps you but also helps your travel concierge create a vacation that fits your wishes within your budget. The sky is the limit on any vacations and price can be affected by package add-ons, components, excursions, transportation, travel protection, and more.

By taking the time to sit down with your family and asking yourselves these simple questions will help you set the stage for your families wishes for your vacation. Then take your answers to your travel concierge so they can create a plan to help design your dream vacation.

Let the memories begin . . ..